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We’ve moved on to new things! Thanks so much for supporting our blog over the years!  We plan on leaving our site up so you can still access our recipes and list of favorite products.

Here are some helpful links:

Our most favorite recipes:  gluten free biscuits or gluten free soft frosted sugar cookies. View all of our recipes here.

Make sure to read: our post on gluten free flour! Your baking will be much more successful!

If you want to make something simple: try these flourless peanut butter cookies.

If you’re new to gluten free: here’s a list of our favorite gluten free products!

If you’re wondering: Rachel can be found here, and Heidi is enjoying travel and hanging out with her grandchildren.



[Rachel, Heidi, and Baby Bekah]

Our Story:

Krispy Kreme used to be a sacred place for me. I could not resist a good dessert and especially a hot and fresh one. My parents love to tell this story of me as a little girl where apparently we were watching TV, when a commercial for some sort of chocolate cake you can buy in your freezer section came on. According to legend, I threw a tantrum because I wanted that cake so bad. I will neither confirm nor deny the truth of that story, but you get the point. I loved food and especially breads, pastries, cakes and doughnuts. Oh, doughnuts.

When I was diagnosed with Celiac disease a few years ago, I remember envisioning my future. I was eating carrots and salad. And more salad. There were no breads or cakes or happy doughnuts. I tried to be a trooper, however, and my mom and I began shopping for gluten free foods and looking up gluten free recipes. I remember being disappointed over and over. The food was definitely not as good and the recipes were SO complicated! How many flours could one possibly need to make a batch of cookies?! I was overwhelmed.

My mom, however, is never afraid of a challenge. She believed that this gluten free thing should be easier, so she read and researched until she was dreaming up delicious gluten free foods that were simple to make and still delicious. On top of that, she helped me to figure out ways to make life in a glutenous world easy and simple. Though it was a rough ride a first, I now live healthy and happy and I just happen to be gluten free.

Our philosophy: living gluten free doesn’t have to be hard and it can always be delicious. We’d like to make your journey a little bit easier.

Rachel, Heidi and Bekah