Goodbye, and thanks for all the cake.

Goodbye, and thanks for all the cake.

Photo credit: my four-year-old

Hey friends,

We want to say thank you for following us and supporting us!

Mom and I decided recently to retire from blogging and move on to new things. We’ve loved sharing our recipes with you, and we are so proud of the small victories we’ve made along the way. Helping others transition to a gluten free lifestyle was our goal, and we’re so happy that we’ve done that for a few of you!

We lost our momentum a few years ago during a particularly rough time for our family, and though things have gotten easier, we feel like it’s time for new things.

We plan to leave our site up so that you can continue to reference our recipes and favorite products , and we plan on turning comments off since we won’t be here as much anymore.

Thank you so very much for all of your support!

Rachel and Heidi


Our most favorite recipes:  gluten free biscuits or gluten free soft frosted sugar cookies. View all of our recipes here.

Make sure to read: our post on gluten free flour! Your baking will be much more successful!

If you want to make something simple: try these flourless peanut butter cookies.

If you’re new to gluten free: here’s a list of our favorite gluten free products!

If you’re wondering: Rachel can be found here, and Heidi is enjoying travel and hanging out with her grandchildren.




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