Gluten Free Salt Water Taffy


It’s Tuesday, and it’s already a crazy week for us! I thought I would do a little post on a fun food we were introduced to at the Gluten Free Expo we attended earlier this month. I heard someone say, “do you miss licorice?”…and immediately I thought…omg, yes I do!! Then a nice lady from Taffy Tree handed me a piece of their licorice salt water taffy, and I was in love. They have tons of wonderful gluten free flavors that are similar to foods we miss, like licorice and frosted cupcake..the one pictured is chocolate chip, I believe, and it tasted like a little chocolate chip cookie. I saved it after the expo and ate it a few days later, when I was really needing something tasty.

Since the holidays are coming up, I thought I would share!!

Have a great Tuesday!


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